Volkswagen Battery Maintanance and Inspection

 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Charging at a EV station in a parking lot at night

Volkswagen Battery Replacement & Service at Bob Moore VW Oklahoma City

Don’t get caught with a dead battery in the parking lot. Ensure your battery is always in good working order by getting a VW battery check at Bob Moore Volkswagen. Your vehicle’s battery is the only power source for many essential systems your vehicle relies on. Often, they don’t require the attention that other components do, but they are just as vital to the health of your vehicle. Getting your battery checked regularly and replaced as needed ensures you won’t be caught without a vehicle when required. Bob Moore Volkswagen serves Edmond, Yukon, and the OKC metro area, offering a complete Volkswagen Service Center. Contact us if you have any questions regarding Volkswagen maintenance!



Volkswagen Battery Replacements, Checks and Services

When you bring your Volkswagen to Bob Moore Volkswagen for service, you’re entrusting your vehicle to a team of highly trained VW experts. We aim to diagnose issues quickly and offer reliable repairs and maintenance you can depend on. When you bring your vehicle in for a VW battery check, we’ll inspect the battery, cables, and terminals for damage and clean them as needed. We’ll also test your battery and treat it to stop corrosion. Should your battery need replacing, we’ll install it for you, ensuring it is right and providing you peace of mind. Schedule service online to get your battery checked or replaced today.


Why Your Battery is Important

Your battery’s most important job is to provide enough power to start your vehicle. Without enough power in the battery, your car won’t start and will need to be jumped. When you use your car’s ignition, you’re sending a signal to the battery to send a strong jolt of power to the engine to bring it to life. It also serves as your vehicle’s power bank to power other systems. It works with your vehicle’s alternator to power electronics in your vehicle; it is responsible for systems like interior and exterior lights, stereo, and other systems. Without a well-functioning battery, you’ll notice issues with these systems until the battery finally dies. 


When to Get Your Battery Replaced

Knowing what to look for when your battery needs service is essential. Luckily, the signs can be pretty easy to spot:

  • Unusual sounds or cranking noises when you start the engine. 
  • It takes longer than usual or multiple attempts to turn your engine over.
  • Headlights or interior lights dim, go out or start to flicker.
  • A flickering sound before the engine comes on. 
  • The engine won’t start and makes a ticking sound when you attempt to start it. 

If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to bring your battery in to be replaced, as it may be close to leaving you stranded. We recommend replacing batteries every 3 to 5 years to keep your vehicle operating well. Check out our service specials to see if you can save on your replacement!


Schedule Your Volkswagen Battery Replacement at Bob Moore Volkswagen

From Volkswagen battery replacements to oil changes and more, the service team at Bob Moore Volkswagen is ready to help all VW owners, whether you bought yours from us or elsewhere. Schedule an appointment today to get your battery looked at.