Volkswagen Oil Change Service

 Volkswagen Service Technician draining the engine oil
 Volkswagen TDI engine cover in the vehicle engine bay

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Keep your Volkswagen in top shape by scheduling an oil change with Bob Moore Volkswagen today! Oil changes are essential to keep your Volkswagen performing as it should and should happen regularly. Those looking for an oil change in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or Yukon can trust the team at Bob Moore Volkswagen to provide quick, reliable service. In addition to oil changes, our Volkswagen Service Center offers several other services, including tire rotations, A/C service, and more. Schedule service with us online today!



Volkswagen Oil Change Service near Edmond & Norman, OK

When you schedule Volkswagen maintenance with Bob Moore Volkswagen, you can expect a top team of Volkswagen-trained technicians ready to assist with your vehicle. From the Jetta to the Atlas, we have you covered. An oil change for your Volkswagen will include replacing the oil filter and the oil and an inspection to ensure your engine and fluid levels are healthy. We’ll drain the existing oil while checking wear and tear levels on your belts and hoses. Once everything looks good, we’ll fill your vehicle with the correct weight and type of oil to keep your VW in top working order. Oil changes are essential as it runs through the entire engine, lubricating the engine and preventing friction between components while keeping out dirt and foreign particles. We change the oil as it gets thicker with use, potentially causing issues with your engine if left unchanged for too long. Have questions about our process? Contact us today!


Warning Signs Your Volkswagen Needs an Oil Change

We recommend changing your oil every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. If you’re unsure how recently your car has had an oil change, it’s always a good call to bring it in anyway. Some of the signs you need an oil change include: 

  • Strange sounds from your engine – If you need an oil change, always bring your Volkswagen in if the engine doesn’t sound right. 
  • Dirty Oil – If you check the oil and notice it is dirty or grimy, it’s time for an oil change. Your car’s oil should be translucent or yellowish. 
  • Oil Levels are low – This is easy to check with a dipstick.
  • Burning Smell or Smoke from your Exhaust – This often means your car is overheating and should be looked at immediately. 
  • Dashboard Warning Lights – If your vehicle has a function telling you when you need an oil change, listen to it!

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Whether you need an oil change or other Volkswagen maintenance, our team is ready to help! Check out our online service specials to find our best deals on oil changes. Schedule your appointment online or give us a call at 405-477-1545 today.