Volkswagen A/C Maintenance and inspection

 2024 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan and Atlas parked side by side

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Having trouble keeping your Volkswagen cool? Visit Bob Moore Volkswagen to get your A/C serviced before the warm seasons! A summer without A/C in Oklahoma is full of sweaty clothes and windblown hair. A/C systems can naturally wear down over time or break in some instances. You’ll notice your vehicle no longer blows cool air, but it’s also essential to ensure the refrigerant fluid isn’t causing further damage to your car. Our team of Volkswagen-trained technicians performs all sorts of maintenance, from A/C repair to oil changes. Serving Edmond, Yukon, and the Oklahoma City metro area, our team specializes in VW service and Volkswagen maintenance. Don’t prolong your suffering. Schedule an appointment online today!



Volkswagen A/C Service & Repair in OKC

As the authority on VW service in the OKC metro, our highly trained technicians have corrected many A/C issues. They’ll start by inspecting your A/C system for some of the common problems below: 

  • Low Coolant Levels – Coolant loses its potency over time due to heat from the engine, debris, and other issues. Sometimes, you only need a quick replacement to get cool air flowing!
  • Compressor Leaks and Clogging – If the A/C compressor can’t generate enough pressure to cool the refrigerant fluid, it’s typically due to a block or leak. 
  • Cooling Fan – Your vehicle’s cooling fan could burn out, chip, or have an electrical issue
  • Electrical Issues – Typically caused by broken wires or bad sensors. 

No matter what the issue with your system is, our team will work to diagnose the problem speedily and ensure you get cold air on demand. Contact Bob Moore Volkswagen for any questions you have regarding your A/C system.


Warning Signs Your Car Needs A/C Service

It’s essential to understand when your VW is asking for service. Whether you bought your Volkswagen with us or elsewhere, we want to ensure it stays in good working order and serves you for years. Some signs to look out for include: 

  • Reduced Cooling Ability – The most obvious sign is the lack of sufficient cool air when you need it. Bring it in if it takes too long or needs to produce more. You won’t want to wait till complete failure.
  • Unusual Noises – If you notice noises that only occur when you turn your A/C on, that’s a sign something is wrong. Rattling, hissing, or vibrating can only be warning signs. 
  • Unusual Odors – If you’re getting a foul smell from vents, it’s best to check it out to ensure no mold or bacteria has made a home in your vents. 
  • Visible Leaks – Puddles under your car are a telltale sign it’s time for VW service. 

If you notice one of these signs in your vehicle, schedule a Volkswagen A/C service appointment with us today!


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From A/C service and inspections to everyday Volkswagen maintenance, our highly trained techs are ready to assist. Take a look at our online service specials to save money on some of our services. Call us at 405-477-1545 or schedule service with us online today!