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Women driving Volkswagen Jetta to local Bob Moore VW Service Center in Oklahoma City.

Volkswagen Tire Services at Bob Moore Volkswagen of Oklahoma City

Tires are crucial in keeping you safe on the road while ensuring your vehicle operates efficiently. It’s important to ensure they stay in good working condition with regular attention and replacements as needed. Bob Moore Volkswagen has VW tire replacements and services for every year and model. From repairs to alignments and pressure checks, we can do it all. Our team of Volkswagen experts can help you find the right tires for your vehicle and install them for you. Serving Edmond, Norman, and the Oklahoma City metro area, visit Bob Moore Volkswagen for all your VW tire needs.



VW Tire Service in OKC

Our team can assist with any service your tires need. Some of the more common requests we assist with include: 

  • Tire Pressure and Inflation – As the weather changes and you use your tires, the pressure levels may need to be checked and inflated. Driving with improper pressure can increase tire wear while driving with the right level of inflation will increase efficiency.
  • Wheel Alignments – It’s important for your tires to touch the ground at the right angle to prevent uneven wear patterns. Getting an alignment ensures you increase the life of your tires as they wear evenly. 
  • Tire Repairs – Drive over something sharp? Our team can help patch smaller holes, though depending on the damage to the tire, we may need to replace it instead.
  • Tire Rotations – It is essential to increase the lifespan of your tires!

In addition to these standard tire services, we can help you purchase and install new tires when the time comes. The pros in our tire store will help you find the best match for your VW and have our VW techs install them. We’ll offer you a 30-day match guarantee when you buy with us. We’ll refund the difference if you find a lower price for the same tires! In addition, if you purchase eligible tires, you may qualify for 24 months of Road Hazard Coverage, giving you 100% coverage on the tires during that time. Have questions about purchasing new tires or scheduling service? Contact our team today!


How to Care for Your Tires

Providing your tires with the care they need helps ensure you only spend what you have on new tires. While avoiding obstacles like potholes and debris is important, that’s not always feasible and not the most critical factor. You want your tires to wear evenly to ensure consistency in your commute. Uneven wear means more frequent replacements and less reliable traction, which could lead to dangerous situations. At a minimum, it’s important to check your alignment and your tires rotated. This mitigates the biggest culprits of uneven wear. The best thing you can do is inspect your tires regularly to ensure the tread is in good condition and you don’t see any damage. It might be time to replace the tires if you see bulges, cracks, or cords. Visit us today to get new tires for your VW!


Trusted Volkswagen Expertise

Bob Moore Volkswagen offers a full-service VW Service Center and parts center to keep your Volkswagen operating at peak efficiency. We’ve got your back if you need help with your Volkswagen tires, oil changes, A/C service, or beyond. Our team of experts is equipped to service all VW models, regardless of the condition or age of the vehicle. Getting your car serviced can be frustrating or stressful, so we aim to provide a quick, accurate, stress-free experience. No matter how big or small the issue, we can assist. Schedule service online today!


Visit Bob Moore Volkswagen to Buy Your Tires

Whether you need routine maintenance on your tires or a brand-new set, visit our VW Tire Store or stop by Bob Moore Volkswagen today to get started!